Is Vodacom fibre good?

I have been using Vodacom fibre for the past 10 months, this is a review of how good or bad it is. Vodacom offers loads of options when it comes to connecting to the internet, one of those is fibre. Which works a bit different than normal Wi-Fi.

How does fibre work?

We had used a lot of internet service providers before sticking with Vodacom, we started with Cell C then went to Telkom and now we have Vodacom. Fibre works with cables; the bandwidth is transmitted using cables and there need to be such cables in your area for you it to work.

What happens is that you apply for it, they take sometime to approve it, usually days. Once approved; they will give you a temporary router to use while waiting for the installation of the fibre cables. It can take more than a week before they come to install the fibre in your house, they do it within a few hours.

Is Vodacom fibre any good?

Vodacom fibre is fairly good but does not live up to expectations when it comes to speed. The speed is not really what you would expect from a fibre connection. There are times when it goes down for a few seconds, sometimes minutes.

This used to happen a lot last year (2020), I think it was mainly because a lot of people were at home. I used to get frustrated because it would be super slow and sometimes go off totally for a few minutes, almost like load shedding. However, it has been very good since then and there are no complaints.

Vodacom allows you to choose between different fibre speed options, each with its own price. We currently pay R900 a month for uncapped data and it’s going good so far.


Vodacom fibre is good, we don’t have many complaints at this point. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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