How to hide a number on MTN

There are times when hiding your caller ID may be necessary. This is a guide on how to hide a number on MTN.

To temporarily hide a number on MTN; simply dial #31# then followed by the receiver’s number. This will only hide the number for that particular person, you have to dial this number each time you want to hide your number.

There is also a way to permanently hide your number. For that you have to go to your settings and hide caller ID under call settings. This will permanently hide your number; you will have to deactivate it in order for your number to show again.

You can also call the customer care line of MTN and simply ask them to hide your number. They will probably ask you a few questions but will do it if your answers are satisfactory.


This was a guide on how to hide a number on MTN. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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