How to get a rich boyfriend in South Africa

A lot of women love money and generally prefer someone with lots of money. This is nothing new and it dates back thousands of years. Women are naturally wired to prefer people who can provide them with comfort and security. This is a guide on how to get a rich boyfriend or man in South Africa.

Go to expensive gyms

This will come at a significant cost to you but if you want to attract rich people; you have to improve your odds by hanging out where they hang out. Most rich people prefer to use expensive gyms, that’s where you are likely to meet your potential boyfriend.

It’s also a good place to start conversations and hook up, you could initiate conversation by asking him to help you do some things. A gym is a great place to meet people and start new relationships.

Work in an upscale restaurant

Regularly going to an expensive restaurant will cost you a lot and there are very high chances that you might come back empty handed. It’s better to work as a waitress, that way you will get to meet a lot of customers and have more options.

The same goes for working in other expensive entertainment areas like nightclubs, bars, casinos and hotels. Getting a job in one of these places will ensure that you are always there without spending much of your money and the environment makes it easier to socialize and connect with people.

Party at exclusive clubs

Partying at exclusive clubs or clubs that attract high net worth individuals will significantly increase your chances of finding a rich boyfriend. It’s fair to mention that most people don’t go to parties looking for love, they’re rather look to have fun.

It’s important to know that and not expect much, you might have to settle for being a side chick.


It’s important not to appear as a gold digger or make your intentions too obvious. That will just chase people away from you, don’t try hard to impress and don’t be clingy. This was a guide on how to get a rich boyfriend in South Africa. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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