How to exchange MTN points for data

You can exchange MTN points for different types of bundles like data and voice bundles. This is a guide on how to exchange MTN points for data.

  • Dial *136#.
  • Select “YelloBucks” from the options.
  • Select “Buy with YelloBucks”.
  • Choose bundles.
  • Choose data.
  • Select the data duration.
  • Choose the suitable deal.
  • Confirm your exchange.

MTN tells you how many YelloBucks you have, you can earn more YelloBucks by buying more bundles or airtime. You also get the option to play games using your points. MTN also gives you an option to buy airtime, pay subscriptions or even transfer your points to someone else.

From the bundle options, you can buy data, voice, social bundles or SMS bundles. It usually takes a long time to have enough points to exchange them to a meaningful amount of data, with 187 points; you can just expect to get 10MB.


This was a guide on how to exchange MTN points for data. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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