How to deal with crime in South Africa

Crime is an epidemic in South Africa, South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. There is no shortage of crime in South Africa, we have to find ways to combat crime. This is a guide on how to deal with crime in South Africa.

South Africa is at the very top when it comes to crime throughout the whole world, the murder rate and rape are very high. Government is ultimately the only entity that can deal with crime decisively, however the community has a role to play too.

How to prevent crime as a community

The best way to prevent crime is a community is through a neighbourhood watch program, it has a very huge impact on the crime occurring around the community. This is sometime I have witnessed from my community and can attest to.

There used to be so many burglaries in my neighbourhood, we were once victims of a house burglary. Thugs came in and they took everything and left us traumatised, years later, we established a neighbourhood watch programme.

A neighbourhood watch is basically a group of volunteers who patrol the community and share valuable information about anything suspicious. My community is now one of the safest communities in the whole of South Africa. I can walk around at night and not fear any crime whatsoever.

Most communities would benefit from transitioning from an open community to a gated community with only one entrance. This would make it harder to criminals to use other escape roots, it would force them to use the community gate, thereby decreasing their escape options and increasing their chances of being caught.

How the government can prevent crime

Crime is bad for any economy, aside from citizens not being at peace, it scares potential investors and tourists. The tourism sector suffers as a result of crime. The South African government seems to understand the latter, there is visible police presence on most tourist attraction sites but very little outside of that.

The government can prevent crime by first eliminating poverty, crime can be heavily linked to poverty. After getting rid of poverty, there should be a clear police visibility in most communities, particularly at night. The government should invest more resources into training police officers who will fully respect the uniform and not take bribes as has been the norm off late.

Criminals should not easily get away with crime, the justice system needs to be tighter and there should be virtually no illegal guns. Getting rid of illegal guns would be a great start, the government should crack down on criminals and confiscate all illegal guns.


This was a guide on how to deal with crime in South Africa. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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