How to become a sugar baby in South Africa?

This is one of the most searched things on the internet in South Africa, “How to become a sugar baby”. To answer this question in the best way possible, we sought help from a professional sugar baby who has chosen to remain anonymous.

A lot of people, particularly young girls between the ages of 17 – 26 would like to be sugar babies or “slay queens”. Some books have been written by authors like Jackie Phamotse, trying to educate people on how this whole thing works and why it’s not well.


We don’t support or promote prostitution of any kind; this content should be consumed for educational purposes only.

Work on your physical appearance

The first thing you have to do is work on your physical appearance, make sure that your body is a good condition. Buy some new clothes for yourself and start taking great care of yourself, your skin and your health. You want to look as attractive as possible.

Doing makeup is not really necessary if you can afford to look good without makeup. Being physically attractive increases your chances of attracting the type of people that you are looking for. Change your style of clothing, wear things that are just a bit provocative, some men prefer women with class, ultimately, wear something you are comfortable in but that is still attention grabbing.

Go out more

You have to get out more, go to places where you are most likely to meet a sugar daddy. Chances of him finding you while you at your house are very slim. Go to events and the spaces where your ideal sugar daddy is likely to hang out. You will grab their attention if you have worked on your appearance.

Most of these places are nightclubs, you will meet all kinds of people in nightclubs, don’t go for the guys with the most money. Go for the ones that might appreciate to have a sugar baby, those are people who have made other commitments, else it would just be a relationship.

Wait for them to approach you, don’t make the mistake of approaching them, it will make you look cheap. You are just a lady having fun with her friends, let it be a casual hook up and allow things to escalate naturally from there.


We don’t encourage people to actively seek being sugar babies as such arrangements have serious and far-reaching consequences. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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