How to avoid being mugged in South Africa

South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world and also has one of the most dangerous cities. It’s safe to say that South Africa is not a safe country and there is crime almost everywhere you go in this beautiful country. This is a guide on how to avoid being mugged in South Africa.

I have been mugged more than once but the last time I was mugged was around 7 years ago. Since then, I have developed ways to avoid being mugged and I am much more street smart.

Know your surroundings

The number one reason that leads to people being mugged is because they don’t know their surroundings. They don’t know the environment that they’re in. There are areas where I could walk holding serious amounts of cash on hand and not worry about being and there are areas where I fear being mugged even when not displaying any fancy items.

Johannesburg CBD is a great example of this, JHB CBD is very dangerous, you get a feel that someone is watching you, that’s where I got mugged. This is where you should be extra careful, you can’t be displaying something that might attract unwanted attention.

You should generally be very careful around townships and CBD’s of any town. You can’t afford to let your guard down. Malls are generally a safe place because of the high security presence.

Always be calm

Please don’t walk like you are lost or don’t know where you are going, especially when walking in a crowded area. Always appear calm and confident, like you know the place and are not really scared of anything. This should appear in your calmness and composure, greet when you get a chance.

Most thugs look for the displaced, the timid and people who appear unnatural. Being confident tells them that you know exactly where you are and you probably know about the rate of crime and yet you are not intimidated.

Be cautious

Take the necessary safety precautions, don’t openly displaying valuable possessions, make yourself as unattractive as possible. Most thugs will judge you by your clothes, if you dress like a rich person or a person from an upscale neighbourhood; they will come for you. Don’t give them any impression that they will find money when mugging you.

What to do when you get mugged

If you happen to get mugged, don’t make a fuss, your life is more valuable than any of your possessions. Thugs from Western Cape are likely to hurt you even after getting what they want, that’s not the case with most thugs from Johannesburg and Durban.

Stay calm and even crack a few jokes, I have found that being calm and polite makes the process bearable for both parties and they are likely to leave you with something. In both incidences they didn’t take my phone because I am the one who searched myself and didn’t even give them all of the money that I had.

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