How to avoid being hijacked in South Africa?

South Africa has the highest rate of hijacking in the whole world. Thousands of cars are hijacked each year in South Africa and more than 80 cars are either hijacked or stolen on a daily basis. Hijacking has been on the rise after declining between 2010/2011, this is a guide on how to avoid being hijacked in South Africa.

Be vigilant around your driveway

Data shows that most hijackings happen right outside the car owner’s home in the driveway. Most people tend to think that hijackings happen somewhere on the highway or busy intersections, that is true most of them happen on the drive way.

Hijackers first start by studying your daily routine and checking the surroundings before deciding to hijack. You are more in danger if your home is easily accessible to a getaway road or highway. It’s very important to make sure that you are not being followed when you come back from work or anywhere.

Some hijackers follow you all the way from the airport until your reach your house then hijack you in your driveway. They wait for you to open the gate most of the time, go straight to the nearest police station if you feel like you are being followed and try to change your routine if you suspect that you are being monitored.

Be very cautious when idle

Most hijackings happen when the vehicle is idle for some reason, whether you are pouring petrol, picking up kids from school or at the traffic lights. Hijackers can’t hijack you when you are moving, they wait for you to be idle then they go all out.

This catches a lot of people by surprise and they are often not quick enough to react. Always keep your doors locked and be very alert, don’t give people the benefit of the doubt, if they look suspicious, then act. Not acting in time can be the difference between keeping or losing your car and even your life in some cases.

When do hijackings occur

According to a report released by SAPS, most hijackings occur on Friday, Monday comes second, but Saturday and Sunday are generally quiet. This might be because a lot of people don’t go to work during those days.

The report also shows that most hijackings happen in the early hours of the morning and in the evening. This is when most people to go and come back from work and have a lot of things on their minds.


This was a guide on how to avoid being hijacked in South Africa. Alternatively, you can just add bulletproof windows, that way you won’t be hijacked even when you are idle. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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