How find a blesser in South Africa

“How to find a blesser?” is the most searched thing on the internet right now in South Africa. South African women want to find and have blessers, this is an informative post on how all this happens and the consequences associated with such a lifestyle. This is a guide on how to find a blesser in South Africa.

What is a blesser?

A blesser is a rich man who entices women for sexual favours in exchange for money. This is commonly known as sugar daddy throughout the rest of the world and the blessee is commonly known as a gold digger.

This is often a purely transactional relationship between the blesser and the blessee, blessers spend a lot of money on the blessees and the blessees provide them with sex in return. This is something that is most common among university students and women who are in the city.

It’s not uncommon to find a blesser paying for all the student’s needs like accommodation, food and clothing. Some blessers travel with their women to other countries, so this is a quick escape ticket from poverty for most blessees. Most blessers are married men or in a monogamous relationship with someone else. This is why the relationship blesser and a blessee is just transactional, no strings attached.

How to find a blesser

Finding a blesser is not hard work, all you have to do is to be attractive and be willing to find them. Being attractive doesn’t necessarily mean being beautiful, you have to dress nicely and even provocatively and make sure that you are in a very good body shape.

The next step is to go to nightclubs, not your local tavern, nightclubs that are attended by mostly rich people. You will find a blesser in no time, you can also go to other places where rich men like hanging out, parties and fundraising or political events are a good place to start. But you shouldn’t have to go through all that trouble, just become friends with people who are leaving that lifestyle and they will definitely hook you up.

There are also agencies and social media pages that assist people to find blessers in South Africa. But I would highly discourage you from using these as they’re often a gateway to human trafficking.

Disadvantages of dating blessers

Disadvantages of being in a transactional relationship with a blesser is that you are likely to suffer abuse. Most blessees I know have reported some kind of abuse from their blessers. You are also very likely to be exposed to illegal substances like drugs and may end up using them yourself.

Some blessers run human trafficking rings and it’s very easy for you to be a victim once you find yourself playing at that level. I would highly discourage anyone from actively seeking to be a blessee.


This was a guide on how to find a blesser in South Africa, do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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