How does Vodacom video ticket work?

Vodacom offers a range of tickets, one of these is a video ticket, but how does it really work? This is an overview of how the Vodacom video ticket works.

What is a video ticket?

There are a lot of tickets offered by Vodacom, tickets are mainly data bundles that are used on specific platforms. These are platforms that most people use like social media platforms or video streaming platforms.

A ticket allows you to use these platforms way cheaper than you would have when using regular data. 1GB of WhatsApp ticket costs R29, 1GB of regular data costs R85; both spanning a period of 30 days.

In this case it makes sense to simply buy a WhatsApp ticket for R29 instead of spending close to three times more for regular data; if you are buying data specifically to use on WhatsApp. The same goes for a video tickets; it’s a ticket that gives you access to video streaming sites for fraction of the cost.

These platforms are YouTube, Showmax, Hopster, DSTV Now, Vuclip videos and Amazon prime videos. This ticket can’t be used for accessing anything other than these platforms, that’s the main disadvantage of tickets.


This was an overview of how Vodacom video tickets work. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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