How does Vodacom music ticket work?

How does the Vodacom music ticket work? Should you buy it and what advantages does it have over regular data. This is an overview of how the Vodacom music ticket works.

What is a music ticket?

Vodacom has a range of tickets that are made specifically for using certain services or platforms. Buying these tickets is often cheaper than buying regular data. One good example of this is the WhatsApp ticket; 1GB is just R29 but 1GB of regular data costs around R85 for the same period.

So, if you are buying data specifically to use on a certain platform then it’s way cheaper to just buy a ticket. A music ticket can be used on Deezer, Apple Music and Joox. You can’t use the music ticket outside of these apps. It is to my knowledge that it doesn’t work on Spotify.


This was an overview of how the Vodacom music ticket works. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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