How does Vodacom airtime advance work?

Vodacom offers airtime advance as part of their service offering; this is an overview into how airtime advance actually works.

What is airtime advance?

Airtime advance is a service that allows you to borrow airtime and pay it off the next time you recharge. It was initially limited to airtime but you can now borrow data as well. It’s very useful when you need to make a quick call but don’t have airtime.

You have to qualify for airtime advance and the amount you qualify for differs from the next person. It’s usually based on your recharge history and your likelihood of paying back the borrowed airtime. To prevent fraud and abuse; Vodacom requires you to have been an active user of the sim for at least 3 months.

You should have bought airtime of more than R29 for each month of the last three months. After which you will qualify to borrow airtime, it’s usually R5 for starters. But you can qualify for more than R30 as time goes on.

What happens if you recharge with less than you owe? That airtime will be used to settle part of what you owe and you will still owe the remainder.


This was an overview of how the Vodacom airtime advance works. Do you have any thoughts or questions? Comment below.

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